Local nature without the crowds!

So well everybody is rightfully pleased and excited about going to see the University of Washington cherry blossoms, I discovered my own little piece of paradise without having to pay for parking or fight crowds. A little park in the tiny city of Kenmore is almost more fun than the University of Washington, the trees don’t have the same history but you also don’t have to fight people for a little patch of land to set up your tripod. Rhododendron Park is beautiful, and if you catch it at the right time it’s almost magical, take a look!

The Bond Wedding

September 1st, 2018 was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. Steve and Alicia got married at Westside Native Nursery, after a whirlwind 2 months of planning. I offered to be their photographer so I could practice my skills, and my offer was accepted. Here is a gallery of their big, Batman themed day. What fun!

2018 Kite Festival

Last weekend was the Kite Festival in Long Beach, WA. My dear friend, who is always up for an adventure decided we should go. We, rather she, drove the entire way down to Astoria and back. Astoria is just over the river from Long Beach, so it was a perfect place to stay. We had an early dinner at Pig ‘N Pancake, had a good breakfast the next day, saw some hilarious sea lions, and then headed to see the kites. The drive was a test for my back since my car accident, and yeah, I’ve got some work to do on getting better, but naproxen for sure helps.

Been awhile!

Hi! So, it’s been a while since I’ve had the time or energy to go out and shoot. I was in a bad accident last month, and have no car. Bussing it with camera gear is not easy, especially with a bad back, so I’m limited in when and where I can go. I do have a very good, new friend who has been helping me, she likes to take day trips and offers to drive. She and her family are pretty new to Seattle, so it’s been fun to see Seattle through new eyes. We’ve gone to see the Blue Angels, the Bellevue Botanical Garden, and Salty’s on Alki. This coming weekend we’re taking a weekend trip out to see the Kite Festival in Long Beach.

Birds and Butterflies

Last Sunday I decided to go for a quick walk before a tutoring session. I went to Juanita Bay and wandered around hoping to see the ospreys or the Bald Eagles or just something cool. What I didn’t expect us to be caught in the middle of a Pokemon Go Community Day event. That’s right, the nerd herd descended on the park to chase Pokemon, and I was one of them! I enjoy that game because it gets me out and walking and since I always have my camera I usually wind up with a couple cool photos.

On Wednesday I went to the dog park at Marymoor, just to go puppy and bird watching. I got snuffled at by a big drippy dog, watched a Labrador do what they do best (destroy sticks and swim), and got up close with a Great Blue Heron. The cottonwood trees at the dog park are the nesting grounds of many many great blue herons. I got to see two of them really close, like touching distance.

Here are my selection of photos from those two days in the “wild.”