My story

So, here’s my story:

I’ve bounced through a lot of things, violin, ice skating, journalism, I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve also given up on more things than I care to mention. About 7 years ago I discovered that I don’t have ADD or ADHD, I’m anxious and depressed! Yay! It explained why I felt a release of pressure when I hit myself as a child. Unfortunately (there’s always a bummer moment) as an adult, I discovered that releasing pressure meant slashing up my legs with broken glass until I bled. I learned to draw and sketch out my frustrations, mandalas, intricate pieces, cartoon type drawing, etc. But the overall problem was I was still hurting.

Flash forward to January of this year. I helped my dearest friend photograph her daughter’s wedding. I mean, she couldn’t be mother of the bride and photographer. I popped in to help where I could, and it was a long, omg so long day. But (there’s always one of these too) after it was all over, I was bone tired, but I was also exhilarated! I was alive, really buzzing for the first time in a long time.

Now, just so you don’t think this is a poor me pity me, I have “the sad” kind of journey, I will tell you that I did used to be a photographer for a little community newspaper long ago. At the wedding it was like a light bulb went on, this is was what I was missing. Here was the creative outlet I used to have, I lost, and then I found again.

Any who, in the greater Seattle area, if you want to try a fun outdoorsy photo shoot, look me up! Details on the contact page!


P.S. here’s a link to my GoFundMe:

Thank you most graciously!

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