Birds and Butterflies

Last Sunday I decided to go for a quick walk before a tutoring session. I went to Juanita Bay and wandered around hoping to see the ospreys or the Bald Eagles or just something cool. What I didn’t expect us to be caught in the middle of a Pokemon Go Community Day event. That’s right, the nerd herd descended on the park to chase Pokemon, and I was one of them! I enjoy that game because it gets me out and walking and since I always have my camera I usually wind up with a couple cool photos.

On Wednesday I went to the dog park at Marymoor, just to go puppy and bird watching. I got snuffled at by a big drippy dog, watched a Labrador do what they do best (destroy sticks and swim), and got up close with a Great Blue Heron. The cottonwood trees at the dog park are the nesting grounds of many many great blue herons. I got to see two of them really close, like touching distance.

Here are my selection of photos from those two days in the “wild.”

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