Before the fireworks

I’m addicted to walking around the parks in Kirkland and Bothell. I love going to Juanita Beach, Juanita Bay, Bothell Landing, Wayne Golf Course, all of it, just love! Although I’m a bit embarrassed because the evening of the 3rd I was out at Juanita Beach and got too close to a doggo who woofed and lunged, and I screamed like an angry toddler! I must have been in la-la land because that dog scared the &*$@ out of me! I did get some great shots of the reflections at the beach, and some fun macros and birds at the bay.

Juanita Bay on July 4th, 2018

Juanita Beach on July 3rd, 2018


July 4th is a fun holiday

My neighbors are a wonderful bunch, and they LOVE the 4th of July! When I say love, I mean like spending thousands of dollars at Boom City in order to provide a show that very nearly rivals the big shows in Seattle and Bellevue. The food was great, the neighbors were fun and funny, the sense of community was awesome! Here are all the photos of the fireworks. It was so great to read the tutorials on how to properly shoot fireworks, I loved seeing the light trails!

Prints for sale, please contact me if you’re interested.

Last Friday

Last Friday I had a break from work! The day after parent teacher conferences is always a day to be mellow and contemplate. This year, I really needed it. I needed peace and my camera, but what I got was a Pokemon legendary raid instead! It was hilarious to stumble upon a little group of people frantically swiping and tapping on tablets and phones. I participated in a raid, went for a walk and on my walk I got some fun photos.


I went out to Juanita Bay Park before I went to see my grandma, and then to Log Boom Park on my way home. It was a great day for both parks! I got to see the Evening Magazine seaplane take off, and it was really neat.

Juanita Bay Park

I can’t lie, I love going to Juanita Bay Park. It’s beautiful, quiet and peaceful. In the mornings before I go to tutor and it gets too warm, I like to sneak away to the park and click away with my camera. I am selling these photos as well, please contact me for pricing and shipping.